We are software developers with over fifteen years experience in programming languages and technologies around web development.

We are willing to teach these skills to highly motivated people, who wants to become a successful software developer.

This is a one year period online training course, based on online free / paid tutorials and projects from popular instructors (youtube - udemy video courses, reading materials) on many different topics, searched and accepted by our software experts.

During the one year training course we will solve more than 150 different kinds of programming problems (from platforms like: hackerrank, codility, projecteuler,..) which is the great way to improve practical algorithm skills.

The training course covers more than 50 projects (most of them step-by-step projects changed and improved with student’s desire). These projects are close to real-world web applications, websites, web services (APIs).

After finishing this course successfully, you will be able to solve programming problems, create apps, websites, APIs,.. These are the tasks that every software engineer / web developer is required to do at work.